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The Anxiety Effect releases single, ‘On My Own’


Local metalcore/ hard rock band The Anxiety Effect released their newest single, “On My Own,” Tuesday. By Thursday, vocalist John Lockwood said, there had already been 1,000 listeners.

“It’s probably easier to tell where it isn’t available,” Lockwood joked when asked where to find the band’s newest release.

For those who want to listen right away, head over to music, or go to Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever you download your tunes.

“Music is an outlet, a cathartic outlet so I don’t drive myself crazy,” Lockwood said. The new single is about, “Hard times. The song is about whether you have someone to turn to when you feel like you are on your own. People really relate to this song.”

He added that the lyrics came from a rough period in his life and were related to family issues involving kids and abuse and he really couldn’t do anything. The chorus, he said, asks the question, “Would I ever really make it on my own? Would I make it on my own?”

Lockwood describes the group’s music as metalcore or hard rock. Metalcore fuses the elements of what most expect for heavy metal bands with some of the more hardcore punk embellishments.

A few names to check out include Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive, and, of course, Killswitch Engage. The genre is similar to but not exactly like thrash metal.

Think of band names in the thrash category like Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth of the 1980s and ’90s. Metalcore is aggressive and growly at times, but then offers the listener lines of almost spoken quietness before the drums and guitars blast back into the beat.

The band made an unannounced-to-thepublic appearance at JJ’s Saloon on New Year’s Eve. Lockwood said, “The other guys knew we were coming, it was fun. We played three songs and we are ready to get out and play some more venues this year.”

First up on the schedule for The Anxiety Effect is a gig from 9:15 to 9:45 p.m. Feb. 16 at this year’s Vet Jam at the Bradford Vets Club. “It’s going to be a good show this year.

Rick (Griesbaum) will be at another show in Jamestown (N.Y.) until 7 and then has to be here (Bradford) by 9 p.m.”

Lockwood said. “I will feel better when he is on stage.”

The band, which according to the vocalist, does not do cover songs, will belt out five of its own hits for the show.

“The first three on the lineup are ‘Roots,’ ‘Visions of Doubt,’ and this new one, ‘On My Own,’” Lockwood said. “We will also do ‘Lockdown’ which was originally released in 2017 and released again in 2020.” He added it has nothing to do with COVID and was written and recorded long before the pandemic.

“Lockdown” was featured on the band’s 2020 EP Neon Raid. The EP featured three songs: “Lockdown,” “The Fall” and “Neon Raid.”

The last song the band will play for the audience that Friday will be one that has yet to be recorded, and it probably won’t make it to the booth until late summer, into fall.

“We have been rehearsing ‘Lost and Found,’ and will be debuting it at Vet Jam,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood founded the band back in 2011, then partnered with Griesbaum around 2020.

The two had been looking to grow the group in 2022. Today, band members include Lockwood as vocalist, Griesbaum on rhythm guitar, Brad Vincent on lead guitar, AJ Eckert on bass, and the newest member of the group, Ryan Kearns on drums.

After Vet Jam, the schedule of events is not nailed down yet.

However, the band will be out more, Lockwood said.

He knows they are looking at shows in Buffalo, N.Y. and Pittsburgh, has something in the works for Biketober in Kane, and a few others waiting for confirmation. “Local music was such a big thing for a long time, then it slowed down,” Lockwood said. “It’s coming back.”

There has not been a full album released by The Anxiety Effect, yet.

According to Lockwood, “short EPs and singles seem to be the way it is right now.” However, he continued, “if things progress as they have been, we could have another EP by the end of 2025 and a physical CD sometime after that.”

To listen to tracks from The Anxiety Effect or to book the band for an event, visit https://www. or reach out by email TheAnxietyEffect@gmail. com

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